My name is Jack Espinosa.  I was Born in Miami, Fl....  I attended Miami Senior High School - home of the Stingarees.  I then attended MDC
and FIU. My interests include but are not limited to - science, music, Mt. biking, SCUBA diving, current events, history, science fiction, all the
science channels, sports, technology, and of course family.  I have developed a passion for passing down all this amazing knowledge of the natural
world and its processes to future generations.  Hopefully I can at least inspire them to appreciate the vast complexity of the world and to make
educated decisions as adults, consumers, and voters as it relates to the environment as well as humanity.  Perhaps a few will revisit me as
professionals in some science field one day to give a free lecture or two so I can catch up on grading....

My responsibilities at HGHS

A level AICE Marine Science
AS Level AICE Marine Science
AS Level AICE Environmental Management
Honors Marine Science

SECME Coordinator
Fairchild Challange Coordinator

Cambridge Coordinator/Exam Officer
ACT Test Supervisor

My areas of study so far...

Subject Area Studies

Biology of Aging
Biology of HIV/AIDS
Forensic Biology
General Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
General Biochemistry
Human Molecular Genetics
Environmental Science
Animal Physiology
Human Physiology
Health Education
Marine Biology
Detecting Radiation in Our Radioactive World (American Nuclear Society PD)
Understanding Ocean Acidification (

Educational Studies

Human Growth & Development
Psychological Perspectives of Teaching Diverse Populations
Social Environment
The Individual In Society
Philosophical & Historical Perspectives of Education
General Instructional Decision Making
Educational Psychology
Cultural & Social Foundations of Education
Teaching Secondary Level Science
Integrating Technology In The Classroom
Special Teaching Lab
Student Teaching Internship
CRISS Strategies
META training
Teaching for Understanding (Harvard online PD)
Whole New Mind (

Certifications / Memberships / Associations:
SCUBA Certified PADI
Basic Water Safety (M-DCPS)

Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative
Planetary Society
Project AWARE
Took this picture of Saturn with
an iPhone through our school's
10" Dobsonian Reflecting
Telescope at Loop Road Camp,
Everglades National Park...